About Me

I’m a Computer and Networking Engineer, Electronics Hobbyist and all around nerd. I draw when I get the chance but never got around to taking lessons for it. I’m also an amateur collector (Video Games & Comic Books mostly) and enjoy long walks on the beach. Just kidding… The beach sucks.

I made this site because I want to catch up on about 10 years of web development and programming as I’ve gotten away from it since High School where I took some basic HTML at the time (1997/98). I made the original version of this site with notepad and a lot of patience learning CSS, PHP, and SQL. Now I use scripted software but the understanding I’ve gained from writing the code myself has been very valuable in helping me with this new software. The site runs on my personal server in my basement with Apache on Linux. I’m hoping to have the time write a new post at least twice a month but sometimes I fall behind.

I have a huge collection of old-school video games from the 70’s, 80’s, & 90’s (Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Commodore, etc…) all set up and ready to play. I have over 30 different consoles; many of which are in the boxes with nearly 1,000 games for them.

I am also an avid Comic Book & trading card collector since the late 80’s mostly of Spider-Man and Superman but many independents and black & whites. I have over 2,000 issues bagged and boxed.

I don’t particularly hate Windows but I like Internet Explorer about as much as I like hippies.

I hate hippies.

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