Expensive RAM

This Ad comes from the Spring 1984 edition of the Commodore Power/Play magazine:

I currently have 8GB of RAM in my Dell XPS system. Now if one were so inclined to buy 8GB of RAM back then, what would it cost? 24KB multiplied by 1024 equals 24,576 bytes… 8GB times 1,073,741,824 equals 8,589,934,592 bytes in my XPS … 8,589,934,592 divided by 24,576 equals 349,526 expansion packs that I would need to purchase … 349,526 units at $149 each equals $52,079,374.

Wow, what a bargain! Oh wait, but that’s in 1984 dollars! Assuming inflation of $1 in 1984 having the same purchasing power as $2.26 in 2012 (calculator.net) and we have a grand total of $117,699,385.24. (California residents add 6% sales tax.)

To think I can get 8GB DDR3 for between $35-$40 online right now. Who says things are more expensive in the future?


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