Neutopia II Walkthrough – Part 3 (The Rainbow Drop)

Behind the Clock You Say?

As you enter the Village of Akeshi, talk to the locals. Now would be a good time to talk to the password guy and get your password. The cabin without a door has been abandoned… push the clock at the back of the room aside and get the Moonbeam Moss that’s hidden behind it. The moss will light up dark rooms in the labyrinths. Keep talking to people – the husband of one of the old lady’s knew Jazeta but he left to go treasure hunting.

Ah, so now we have to find him and it figures that he went looking for treasure in the Duma Labyrinth. It’s a longer hike to get there than the first two labyrinths and there’s no direct way to explain where it is. If you go through an underground tunnel, you’re heading in the right direction. That tunnel is also an opportunity to try out your new Moonbeam Moss that you got.

Duma Labyrinth

Duma Labyrinth consists of two floors, the first floor is the smaller one and the only item of interest here might be the Crystal Ball (Of course you won’t need it as I’ve drawn a map for you). The second floor is much larger and has the Silver Shield, the Crypt Key, Two Medicines, some Boom Bombs and of course, the Boss.

***I’ve noticed just now that I’ve spelled shield wrong on the map… In my defense, I was 14 at the time.

The Silver Shield is a pretty significant upgrade as it blocks bullets and arrows and also reduces the amount of damage you take from enemies. Plus, it looks really cool with a big blue gem in the center of it.

You’re one ugly mother…

Fighting the Boss:

The Weretoad is either a giant frog with a man sitting on its back OR a giant half man half frog – I can’t tell which. It’s only vulnerable when its brain flashes yellow. Make sure you have two medicine bottles with you – I find this to be one of the harder bosses to deal with, mainly because it’s not vulnerable very often and only for brief periods. The toad will jump from side to side and either shoot projectiles at you (which the Silver Shield cannot block) or use it’s long tongue to hit you. Once in a while the man on top will fire a white ball that will follow you around the screen. Just take your time and concentrate on not getting hit, fire the staff at it when you see yellow. When the creature dies, a staircase will be left behind leading to the old man we are looking for.

Follow the Arrow.

He tells you that Jazeta came to his house recently to borrow an Aqua Lung so that he could venture under water to investigate the new evil revival. Since then, he hasn’t been heard from. He goes on to say that he does possess a second Aqua Lung back at his house. He then says to take this Rainbow Drop that will help you when crossing small rivers. Excellent! To use the Rainbow Drop simply walk over some water and it will automatically create a small bridge that you can use, it does not have to be equipped – it’s that easy.

Head back to the village but look for a group of rocks along the way shaped like an arrow. Using the Rainbow Drop, cross the water to the island on the right side and go down the stairs. An old cobbler lives there that gives you the Falcon Shoes which increases your walking speed. He also mentions that his brother makes Snow Shoes in the North, we’ll look for him later.

Getting the Wind Staff.

On our way back to the village, we’ll want to stop for one more item. Just outside town is a small indent in the land that we can use the Rainbow Drop again to cross. On the other side you’ll find a tree that has snow on it …use the Fire Staff to burn it down and then enter the staircase that’s left behind. The old man down there has another staff for you: The Wind Staff.

The Wind Staff basically works the same way as the Fire Staff does, it just has different patterns when used. It can still blow down trees and is still useless for fighting certain enemies but I find that it is a little nicer to use than the Fire Staff.

When we get back to the village and speak to the old man’s wife, she tells us that the Aqua Lung was stolen. Great! At this point you should get the password – In Part 4, we’ll get the Aqua Lung back.


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