Neutopia II Walkthrough – Part 2 (Save Princess Keia)

The Princess is Sick.

You find yourself just outside town, go in and visit some of the locals that live there. I recommend getting the password from the password guy just in case. I also recommend buying a boomerang from one of the locals as well but be careful with it – unlike the Zelda games, if you don’t catch the boomerang you lose it and have to buy another one. It’s an excellent weapon and can be used to pick up items that enemies drop when you can’t reach them.

To the North is the Yurius Shrine …uh, it looks bigger from inside. The guards inside won’t allow you in to see the Princess and tell it’s because she’s very sick. Then they tell you that the only cure for her affliction is with the Manipula Herb that’s inconveniently in the hands of the enemy located in the Southern labyrinth.

Push a rock, find stairs.

On your way South, you’ll come across an arrangement of eight stones with two flying bugs buzzing around. Kills both bugs – they’re really annoying – and push against the middle rock on the left. It will move to reveal a staircase – go down. The old man down there tells you that he has a gift for you, a fire staff that used to belong to Jazeta. Why Jazeta didn’t take it with him to fight enemies in the first place is beyond me. Not too bright if you ask me, I guess that’s why he’s now missing in action.

A note on using the Fire Staff:  this is a very useful weapon. Depending on how many healthy hearts you have it will work differently. There are three settings:  between half a heart and six hearts will make it shoot fireballs, between six hearts and twelve hearts it will create a trail of fire and between twelve hearts and max it will create a fire trail twice as long. It can also burn down some trees and even tall rocks, however, the staff will not affect certain enemies and won’t work at all under water.

Shadow Labyrinth Map

Keep heading towards the labyrinth and just when you get to the screen where you see the entrance, burn down that tall rock. There is another monk-like character living there that will give you the ability to carry four more bombs at a time. Enter the Shadow Labyrinth.

The treasures that you’ll be interested in here are the Crypt Key, Bronze Sword, Bronze Shield and of course, the Herb. Follow the map provided and be wary of the traps. Some rocks are booby trapped and some doors won’t open until you either clear the room of enemies, push a special rock or both. If you encounter enemies that can’t be hurt by the Fire Staff, use your Boomerang (or your sword) – it actually does more damage than the Staff. There are a few secret rooms here but nothing of real value is hidden in them. There is a room with medicine in it if you’re taking too much damage so keep that in mind.


Fighting the Boss:

They’re called the Magot Moths and there are two of them to contend with. Unlike the the previous boss that was vulnerable at any time, these two can only be hit when they sit up and their butts flash blue. I really recommend having two medicine bottles with you unless you’re feeling really cocky. I usually try to get in behind them because they do shoot some projectiles but only toward the bottom of the screen. Don’t bother using the Boomerang here, you’ll likely just lose it. Just lay down fire all over the place and keep out of their way. Eventually they’ll each burn up and you’ll gain another heart container as well as the Manipula Herb.


Show me the money!

Take the Herb to the Princess and she’ll fill you in on some more of the back story about Jazeta coming to see her and how history is repeating itself with a new generation of inhabitants – or some junk like that. In short, she suggests that you take counsel with a statue called “The Oracle” that will show you the path to take. Placing the Chalice of Agony in the Oracle’s hands causes a nice little light beam animation that reveals a staircase to where Jazeta went.

Go down the stairs and you’ll be transported just outside a log cabin town.


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