The Madder Hulk Gets

Who would win in a fight? Superman or The Hulk?

This debate is one of those fanboy questions like Alien VS Predator, Freddy VS Jason or Kirk VS Picard and usually takes one of two forms… either “Who would win in a fight?” or “Who is stronger?” with nerds from either side quoting references from the most obscure of places.

It’s usually not long before some geek claims: “Superman would beat Hulk before he got mad enough to be stronger than Superman.”

This is kind of weak in my opinion. This is assuming that it takes a rather significant amount of time before someone can get really pissed off.

I take issue with that – ever have a computer crash just before you saved your work? Instant rage monster. Ever have someone kick you in the nuts? Instant rage monster. Ever been cut off by someone on a bicycle? A Skateboard? Seen a cat on a leash? Someone texted “your” when they meant “you’re”? Bono? The last Matrix movie? People who don’t let me off the elevator before they get on… Other people’s kids… Morons who dress up for Halloween but you can’t tell what they are… Weather… Not enough toilet paper… The View… TAXES… When Peter Griffin sings “Bird is the word”… Idiot’s who say Irregardless… Vegans… Assholes who refuse to say actRESS! Fashionable non-conformists… Tailgaters… Mac fanboys… Windows fanboys… Waiting in line… Other drivers… Youtube ads… Reality TV… Internet Explorer… Long division… Baby hippos… Other people’s opinions… My own opinions…


Ok, I’ve got some anger issues – On second thought, if *I* were the Hulk…

…someone’s about to get bitch-slapped!



I'm a Computer and Networking Engineer, Electronics Hobbyist and all around nerd. I draw when I get the chance but never got around to taking lessons for it. I'm also an amateur collector (Video Games & Comic Books mostly) and enjoy long walks on the beach. Just kidding… The beach sucks. I don’t particularly hate Windows but I like Internet Explorer about as much as I like hippies. I hate hippies.

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