Neutopia II Walkthrough – Part 1

A Fair Fight?

An awesome game and one of my personal favorites for the Turbo Grafx-16, it’s also available on the Wii Virtual Console and Playstation Network. I really recommend trying it out if you liked the Legend of Zelda games – I compare it to A link to the Past because of the smoother controls and nice graphics. I beat this game in 1994 and recently found my old maps that I drew for the dungeon parts of the game and thought I’d write up a basic walkthrough for those that might want to take a look. You don’t have to play the original to understand what’s going on, the story is pretty basic and the characters fill you in as you play onward.

The game starts by having you choose your name and then immediately thrusts you into a fight with a giant squid that tells you you’re about to have your ass handed to you. By the way, you’ve only got half a heart of health… If you’re lucky, you might actually get a hit in before it bitch slaps you to the ground. I find it really amusing how much of a little boy this grown man looks.

Just a note, I got really good at this game at one point and managed to hit this boss over 80 times – It doesn’t die… not that I’m surprised.

Is she my girlfriend?

Luckily, it was only a dream that some girl (who you never deal with again) had. I always wondered why you just happened to be standing over her bed while she was sleeping. She tells you that it was your father (Jazeta) who went off to investigate the rise of some evil monsters that began appearing sometime after he defeated the evil Dirth about a year ago. She concludes that he must be in trouble and gives you a Magic Compass that she just happens to have lying around and sends you to find him. His last whereabouts was at Yurius Shrine in the town of Lapool in the East. Nobody has seen or heard from him since.

Great, a magical quest to find Dad… Exit her hut and enter the one immediately to the left, collect the bombs and medicine from the old man who lives there. Feel free to wander around and enter the different residences, the people there tell you about the mysterious monsters suddenly roaming around the area and give you hints at how to do things in the game.

Why a Chalice?

Head Eastward and you’ll come across a single hut next to some water that leads underground. The boy that’s down there tells you that the tunnel is blocked by lava and that the only way to cross it (and get to Lapool) is to find the Chalice of Agony. Where is this wonderful Chalice, you ask? Why it’s in the Tamool Labyrinth in the West. Yay, our first dungeon and it’s located in the complete opposite direction. oh well, I guess it wouldn’t be much of a game if everything was lined up for us.

Head Westward, killing baddies and picking up gold and any other treats you find along the way. Talk to the locals, most just ramble but some actually have useful information on things to look for in the labyrinth, such as the existence of hidden rooms. When you get to the dungeon entrance, don’t go in just yet, go to the left and push the rock aside to reveal a staircase. Downstairs, there’s a monk-like individual that will not only replenish your health but will also increase it by one heart. Now let’s get that Chalice!

Tamool Labyrinth

Enter the labyrinth and follow the map provided to the left. I mapped these rooms out a long time ago and I really think I’ve found everything there is to find. However, if anyone knows of something I missed please let me know. This isn’t a hard labyrinth, it’s just getting your feet wet – the only things you’re concerned with here is getting the Bronze Armour, the medicine (you can hold up to 2 at a time) and the crypt key. You’ll need the key to enter the boss room. The crystal ball is pretty worthless as long as you have the map I’ve drawn, however, if you really want to use that instead keep in mind that some rooms will remain hidden. You’ll need at least one bomb to complete this labyrinth as well.

Fighting the Boss:

Get back here you asshole!

The Chalice is protected by the Mechaworm and he’s not hard at all, I’ve found that if you stay along the bottom of the screen you really lessen the chance that he’ll hit you. He’ll jump out of the sand and dive back in – that’s it, he doesn’t shoot anything at you. Keep your medicine handy and don’t bother trying to lay bombs to hit him, you’ll just waste them. Take swings at him with your sword as he goes back into the sand, you’ll likely only get one or two hits in at a time but eventually he’ll scream bloody murder and explode.

Enter the room that’s now open to the left and claim your prize. Yay! You’ll be immediately transported outside the labyrinth entrance.

How can a mere cup contain so much awesome?!

How can a mere cup contain so much awesome?!

Make your way back East to the underground tunnel, the boy there will tell you to use the Chalice on the lava. You have to use the item by pressing the run button and selecting the chalice from your inventory. You’ll see the chalice blast icy water all over the lava, making a nice walkable bridge that never melts for the remainder of the game. Exit from the other side of the tunnel and you’re just outside of Lapool.

Time to see the Yurius Shrine.


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