DeLorean VS Batmobile

Ok, so which would win in a 1/4 mile drag race: A DeLorean or the Batmobile? Now before anyone starts, I know the DeLorean is severely underpowered and the Batmobile would ruthlessly kick its butt however, I’m talking about the Back to the Future style DeLorean where it only needs to get to 88mph before going back in time.

DeLorean VS Batmobile

That being said, the Batmobile does have several booby traps that could mess that time machine up before it gets to 88mph.


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2 thoughts on “DeLorean VS Batmobile

  1. Easy. Emmett Brown goes back in time, gives Thomas Wayne his bulletproof vest, comes back to the present, finishes the race himself.

    1. I think it would be funnier to my sick sense of humor if Marty was the one that went back and gave Thomas Wayne his stupid orange vest and told him it was bulletproof. Thomas would still get shot and Marty would travel back to the future in just enough time to win the race and tell Batman what he did.

      The DeLorean would win but Batman would hand Marty his ass and then steal the DeLorean, go back in time to stop his father’s death thus creating a paradox loop and the universe would end.

      It’s a tie, they both lose.

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