Help Me, Computer!

“Yes, Computer, I’ve given you Superman’s eye color, his height… uh, well, kind of… I mean, he’s OVER six feet. It’s not like there’s THAT many men over six feet, right? Oh… and he wears a cape, Computer! A big red one! Ha! That should narrow it down. Now tell me, how do I marry him? … nothing? Okay, what if I connect this giant accessory onto my head and think really, REALLY hard about Superman? Will that help? How about a picture? See how handsome he is? I know, right… who could blame a girl for wanting to marry this stud of an alien? Hmmmm… still nothing. How about if I hold his cape? What’s that? How did I get his cape? Never you mind THAT!! A lady never reveals her secrets. Now, you just take your time and figure this out… I mean, it’s not like there’s another woman creepily watching me do this or anything.”


I'm a Computer and Networking Engineer, Electronics Hobbyist and all around nerd. I draw when I get the chance but never got around to taking lessons for it. I'm also an amateur collector (Video Games & Comic Books mostly) and enjoy long walks on the beach. Just kidding… The beach sucks. I don’t particularly hate Windows but I like Internet Explorer about as much as I like hippies. I hate hippies.

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