Night Trap on PS4 & Xbox One

My jaw has dropped.

I’m a big fan of this cheesy game (in case you couldn’t tell) and I’m so excited at the prospect of this cult classic being remastered on the PS4 and Xbox One! After a failed Kickstarter campaign, I thought this would never happen and that I’d have to be content playing this on Sega CD forever. It’s even being released on physical media as a 25th Anniversary Edition by Limited Run Games. You can even download the theme song for free on!

A parody of cheesy B movies of the time, the goal is to save the girls (and one dorky younger brother) that have shown up for a weekend party. Flip through hidden security cameras in order to track the villains (mostly Augers) and catch them by activating traps throughout the house. Also, you’ve got one girl (played by Dana Plato) who’s secretly working with you as a Special (or Sega) Control Attack Team (S.C.A.T.) agent.

I remember sitting diligently and playing this game over and over again while taking notes in order to trap every last Auger in the game. And while I thought it was tedious at first, I discovered more plot and action each and every time I played. It grew on me.

This game was the focus of so much “video game violence” controversy in the 90’s that it was one of the reasons the ESRB was established to rate video games. Ironically, while the original was rated Mature/17+ at the time, the re-release is being rated at T for Teen by the same ratings board. Seems it wasn’t so violent or sexist after all.


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