Warcraft II Custom Maps

Back in the 90’s, developers of PC games often included tools to build your own levels. Duke Nukem 3D included the BUILD Engine and Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness included the Map Editor. Even games like Doom or Descent, while not including the tools with the games, had them available for free online. Wacraft II’s Map Editor was great because it was so easy to use and even simple maps could be made within minutes. Over the years, I’ve made some large multiplayer maps for LAN parties that we had. Here are a few of them with some screenshots.

Maritimes.pud — New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Price Edward Island. Extremely tough single player game where you start on the Island. Resources space are extremely limited and you’ll have to take the offensive quickly if you expect to win this one. Miramichi Conquest — A map of my home town. Very high resource. Seven players total, great top VS bottom team game.

MiramichiConquest.pud — A high resource map that’s great for top VS bottom team play. Based on part of my home town, it’s a Seven player map with four on top and three on bottom. Great for lengthy team games.

NewConquest.pud — This is like Miramichi Conquest, except that I’ve added more territory to the bottom half of the map, more trees and gold throughout the map and an eight player. This is a great 4 VS 4 battle as you can see below.

Europe.pud — Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France and Germany (no, I couldn’t fit Ireland in). Great 4 player map. If the two island players can ally against the two on the mainland, it can be a fairly even match.

Canada.pud — A zoomed out version of the Maritimes map that also includes Quebec, Newfoundland and Maine. An excellent free-for-all match.


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