The Amazing Spider-Cheater

Here is a secret that I stumbled onto a couple days ago. I knew about the screen with the lonely helicopter but when I stood in the middle and caused it to go up I heard a switch activate. When I jumped off I found myself on the final screen called “Mysterio’s End?” where Mary Jane is being held hostage. Of course I couldn’t get to him or stick to the side walls but I thought there must be more to this secret than just being able to see it so after about an hour I found that if you jump off the helicopter you can drop into the side wall.

“So long, Mysterio! Guess you didn’t expect me to come in the back door!”


I'm a Computer and Networking Engineer, Electronics Hobbyist and all around nerd. I draw when I get the chance but never got around to taking lessons for it. I'm also an amateur collector (Video Games & Comic Books mostly) and enjoy long walks on the beach. Just kidding… The beach sucks. I don’t particularly hate Windows but I like Internet Explorer about as much as I like hippies. I hate hippies.

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